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News stories on SciAm.com

    “Survey Polls the World: Should a Self-Driving Car Save Passengers, or Kids in the Road?” (24 Oct 18)

    “How Juno Will Peer Deep below Jupiter's Roiling Clouds” (6 Jul 16)

    “Juno Arrives at Jupiter” (4 Jul 16)

    “Juno Faces Moment of Truth at Jupiter” (4 Jul 16)

    “New Horizons Delivers First Close-up Glimpse of Pluto and Charon” (15 Jul 15)

    “New Horizons Emerges Unscathed from Pluto Flyby” (14 Jul 15)

    “The Unreasonable Beauty of Mathematics” (22 Jul 11)

    “Mysterious Origins: Handedness” (21 Aug 09)

    “Mysterious Origins: Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic Rays” (21 Aug 09)

    “The Origin of Cubicles and the Open-Plan Office” (7 Aug 09)

    “Mystery Cosmic Static May Cast Light on Formation of First Stars” (12 Jan 09)

    “Double Impact May Explain Why Venus Has No Moon” (10 Oct 06)

    “Martian Methane Resuscitates Hope for Life on the Red Planet” (16 Nov 04)

    “Spirit Rover Consolidates Its Foothold on Mars” (5 Jan 04)

    “Stardust Space Probe Flies By Comet” (2 Jan 04)

    “A Recycled Universe” (11 Feb 02)

    “Better Killing Through Chemistry” (5 Nov 01)

Articles in Scientific American magazine

    “What Is Spacetime?” (Jun 18)

    “Where is Here?” (Nov 15)

    “Is the Cosmos Random?” (Sep 15)

    “A New Enlightenment” (Nov 12)

    “A Mystery Wrapped in a Crystal” (Jun 11)

    “The Space Station’s Crown Jewel” (May 11)

    “Forces to Reckon With” (Feb 11)

    “Going With the Flow” (Nov 10)

    “Could Time End?” (Sep 10)

    “12 Events That Will Change Everything: Extra Dimensions” (Jun 10)

    “A Simple Twist of Fate” (Jun 10)

    “A Large Lump of Coal” (Jan 10)

    “Easy Go, Easy Come” (Nov 09)

    Origins of RainbowsAsteroidsGraphical PerspectiveLightGamma RaysClocksCupcakes (Sep 09)

    “Spectral Sensation” (May 09)

    “Space Sticker Shock” (Jan 09)

    “Quantum Brinkmanship” (Nov 08)

    “Planetary Protection Racket” (Sep 08)

    “A Science Fête Project” (Jun 08)

    “Catching No Rays” (Apr 08)

    “Five Essential Things to Do in Space” (Oct 07)

    “Beginning to See the Light” (Dec 06)

    “NASA’s Reverse Thrust” (Jun 06)

    “The Check Is in the Mail” (Apr 06)

    “Martian Claymation” (Dec 05)

    “More Power to Solar” (Dec 05)

    “The Climax of Humanity” (Sep 05)

    “Flaw of Averages” (Aug 05)

    “Too Cold for Comfort” (May 05)

    “Scaled-Up Darkness” (Sep 04)

    “All Screwed Up” (Nov 03)

    “Frozen Stars” (Jul 03)

    “A Tale of Two Cs” (Apr 03)

    “Robots That Suck” (Feb 03)

    “Forming Formants” (Sep 99)

    “Seven Wonders of Modern Astronomy” (fall 99 special issue)


    “Dr. No Money” (May 11)

    “Defying Politics” (Dec 10)

    “The Hidden Dangers of Geoengineering” (Nov 08)

  1. “Science Questions for Would-Be Presidents” (Oct 08)

  2. “Serengeti in the Dakotas” (Jun 07)

  3. “Let There Be Light” (Oct 06)

  4. “Breaking Out of Orbit” (Apr 04)

  5. “Penny-Wise, Planet-Foolish” (Nov 03)

  6. “Get Real” (Apr 03)

  7. “Total Information Overload” (Mar 03)

  8. “Last Chance for the Last Planet” (May 02)

  9. “The Peculiar Institution” (Apr 02)

Articles in Nautilus Magazine

    “A Theory of Consciousness Can Help Build a Theory of Everything” (Nautilus, 4 May 17)

    “The Noise at the Bottom of the Universe” (Nautilus, 14 Jul 16)

    “Let’s Rethink Space” (Nautilus, 14 Jan 16)

    “The Case for Fewer Dimensions” (Nautilus, Oct 15)

    “The Quantum Mechanics of Fate” (Nautilus, Jan 14)

    “Roadmap to Alpha Centauri” (Nautilus, Jul 13)


  1. “Pride: Flying Cars and Other Broken Promises” (28 Nov 12) (C-SPAN video)

  2. George's Top Ten Sociological Observations About Theoretical Physicists” (18 May 12)

  3. How Should Science Journalists Cover Disputes?” (27 Apr 12)

  4. The Science-Journalism Duality: Behind the Scenes at Scientific American” (6 Apr 12)

  5. “The Emergence and Submergence of Time” (6 May 11)

  6. “Scientific American Presents Scientist-Makers in Action” (25 Sep 10)

  7. Roundtable discussion on time (video) (Philoctetes Center, 5 Dec 09)

  8. “The Matter of Time” (ArcheTime: Cross-Disciplinary Conference and Exhibition on Time, 6 Jun 09) (version published in the online magazine Respiro, 29 Oct 09)

  9. “The Death of Distance (in Physics)” (SUNY Westchester Community College, 7 May 09)

  10. “A Skeptic’s Guide to String Theory” (audio) (New York City Skeptics, 1 Nov 08)

  11. “The Top 10 Discoveries in Fundamental Physics 2007–2017” (Central New Jersey Mensa, 3 Mar 07)

  12. “The Revolution for the Rest of Us” (Mensa Cosmology Colloquium, 6 Oct 06)

  13. “The Climax of Humanity” (Foundation for the Future, 7 Apr 06)

  14. “Sarajevo University” (NPR Weekend Edition, 3 Jul 99)


    “One of quantum physics’ greatest paradoxes may have lost its leading explanation” (Science, 7 Sep 20)

    “Quantum paradox points to shaky foundations of reality” (Science, 17 Aug 20)

    “A fridge made from a rubber band?” (Science, 10 Oct 19)

    “How 'social touch' shapes autism traits” (Spectrum News,, 29 May 19)

    “The predictive coding theory of autism, explained” (Spectrum News, 1 May 19)

    “How virtual reality is transforming autism studies” (Spectrum News, 24 Oct 18)

    “Cometlike objects could be spreading life from star to star throughout the Milky Way” (Science, 15 Oct 18)

    “The Wizard of Consciousness” (Psychology Today, Sep 18)

    “Job One for Quantum Computers: Boost Artificial Intelligence” (Quanta, 28 Jan 18)

    “How autism may stem from problems with prediction” (Spectrum News, 7 Mar 18)

    “Waves that drive weather patterns explained, thanks to inspiration from quantum matter” (Science, 5 Oct 17)

    “What the Rise of Sentient Robots Will Mean for Human Beings” (NBC News Mach, 19 Jun 17)

    “A Defense of the Reality of Time” (Quanta, 16 May 17)

    “Second Thoughts” (book review on time travel) (The American Scholar, Autumn 2016)

    “Metaknowledge” (Aeon, 6 Jul 16)

    “Consciousness Creep” (Aeon, 25 Feb 16)

    “Quantum Weirdness Now a Matter of Time” (Quanta, 19 Jan 16)

    “Spooky Action at a Distance Gives Us a Glimpse of a Deeper Reality” (Slate, 21 Dec 15)

    “Why the 'Venus rainbow' is actually a glory” (Nature.com, 14 Mar 14)

    Foreword to The Instant Egghead Guide to the Universe

    “Space Is an Elaborate Illusion” (previously for the World Science Festival) (12 May 11)

    Review of The Shape of Inner Space (Physics World, Dec 10)

    “After the End of Science” (Mercury, Nov/Dec 97)

Primers from The Universe in the Classroom series

    “The Biggest Bang of Them All” (cosmology)

    “There’s More to Light Than Meets the Eye” (electromagnetic radiation)

    “Up, Up, and Away” (spaceflight)

    “To Every Season There is a Reason” (seasons)

    “The topsy-turveying of planets, stars, and lava lamps” (convection)

DIY Projects

  1. Elf II hobbyist computer

  2. FFT routine for Motorola 6811

  3. Wireless Insteon switch

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